The Community of Madrid has announced important tax reductions

The Community of Madrid has announced important tax reductions

The Madrid government recently announced a reduction of income tax and other taxes

The Government will lower the IRPF of Madrid from 19% to 18, 5% and in the case of low incomes the decrease will be more noticeable: the minimum rate will be at 9%, which will be the lowest in the whole country.

Extension and improvement of deductions in the tax, such as unpaid care for people over 65 or people with disabilities, and the deduction for school expenses for children up to 3 years is extended.

On the other hand, the deduction of income tax is accompanied by new deductions in the Inheritance and Donations Tax and in the ITP and ADJ.

As for the Inheritance and Donations Tax , there will be bonuses. Between siblings the bonus will be 15%, and between uncles and nephews the percentage will be 10% (both 'inter vivos' and 'mortis causa' will apply). In inheritances between parents and children, the bonus will remain at 99%.

In the case of ITP (Transfer Tax Patrimonial) and AJD /strong> (Documented Legal Acts), there will be a reduction of 10%, which will be applied to used houses and new homes acquired with mortgage financing , while the house is a regular residence and have a cost of up to 250,000 euros.

Many of the announced measures will come into effect this year, with the exception of the IRPF reduction, which will be carried out from 2019. The regional government estimates a reduction of 125 million euros. euros per year.