Social networks for real estate: What content to publish?

Contents for real estate social networks

If we do not offer attractive content, our social networks will become a simple advertisement. You have to get the messages transmitted from user to user.

Different content in real estate profiles, but always related

In the profiles of real estate agencies , even if the sale is the end. If only housing ads are published, the user will get tired of consulting the profile and can leave it.

To create a more varied content , the housing ads can be interspersed with news of interest of the neighborhoods or the areas where the properties are sold (this will create a source of information to the clients on the surroundings), news of interest of the sector, advice on the search for housing, information on the economy of the sector in the country or guides for the user (such as what to know about rental contracts, differences between types of mortgages, insurance contracts, etc.). ).

Many agencies have their blogs news, where they create their own content to share on their networks or, if not, they can use sources informative and share the content they post.

In summary, there are three types of contents:

  • Properties : Publications of buildings with a clear and striking text and attractive photographs. This publication should always be linked to the property listing.
  • Own content : Articles made or written by the agency itself that are relevant to the sector (economy news, mortgages , rent, local news, tips, guides ...)
  • External content : Selection of news that can be shared from other sources in social networks, always indicating the authorship of the same or where they come from.

In the NEWS FOR YOUR WEB section of INMONEWS we can find a selection of neutral news to share them in the social networks of your real estate.


Here are two examples of contents:

In this first case, the agency has shared on Facebook the link of a news of local interest.

Social networks for real estate: What content to publish?

And here v We publish a property on Twitter.

Social networks for real estate: What content to publish?

What are viral messages?

In digital marketing the term VIRAL is used to define the contents that are disseminated quickly.

There are a number of ingredients that enhance a viral Marketing message:

FREE: The word "free" is one of the most powerful words, it gets the attention of the users, and gives something without any kind of cost can generate later profits.

SIMPLE AND EASY: The viral message should be very easy to spread, so when you receive it, with one or two clicks you should have enough to forward it to other recipients. Easier, faster and faster.

NEW: Novelty is a competitive advantage, the novelty facilitates the transmission of the message. If it offers something new and interesting or useful, it will greatly help its spread.

SCALABILITY: Keep in mind that your viral marketing campaign is easily scalable. We must watch not to die of success.