Social networks for real estate: Security

Social security real estate networks.

Beware of accidentally placing confidential information of the agency! You always have to maintain some levels of privacy. Keep in mind that the networks of companies should be public to have greater diffusion, so we must be very careful with the information we provide.

Likewise, the Networks offer privacy options so that only a limited audience can see the contents. But these limitations may be more interesting in a personal profile than in an agency.

We recommend:

  • Set the levels of Privacy: To control what followers see.
  • Control your contact list. Do not accept as a follower to everyone, classify them, avoid "rare companies" or "trolls"
  • Prudence with content: Avoid personal data, pictures of children or unauthorized.
  • Beware of third-party applications that share your information, they can post content on non-recommendable sites.