Real estate marketing video

Real estate marketing video

Recently we talked about the advantages of creating a real estate YouTube channel . One of the tips that was discussed was that the channel could be opened by publishing a trailer or advertisement of the company itself. However, this is only the beginning. The next step is to keep the channel active and get the most out of it. So we propose another resource of interest: Real estate video marketing .

Real estate video marketing is a trend that is gaining value lately and is a way to present real estate in a way more dynamic that stands out from the constant use of photography to show the house for sale or rent. In addition, it has become a very persuasive resource, since video can be more attractive to customers.


Like any video campaign, you have to take a series of necessary steps: making a script, recording, editing and sound.

The script should be clear and concise and you should consider what images you will accompany later. Depending on the video you want to present, it may be the agent himself who appears and speaks or a suitable voice-over .

The recording must be done during as long as necessary and collect enough material. In the recording phase, emphasis must be placed on basic concepts such as framing, light and angle.

Subsequently, in the edition of the video, what is recorded according to the script is composed and it should not last longer than 5 minutes. Obviously, you have to have some basic knowledge and the right software

Finally, the sound is also a fundamental element that must be taken care of. Choose between eliminating it in favor of a voice or combining it. Does the company already own music from other of its advertising campaigns? Do you need new music? In the network we can find many media on this topic, for example, there are pages that offer a wide variety of topics to choose from and where you can obtain licenses for commercial use.

Other factors to the what to attend are:

That at the time of making the video there is a large number of possibilities . For example, from dedicating it to a single property, to making a compilation of several of the same characteristics. It depends on what we want to transmit.

It is not advisable to use only static images . Priority should be given to the video showing recorded images. Therefore, we would prefer this resource. The result should not be left in a mere succession of images.

And let's not forget the originality . Sometimes you can do a lot starting from the basics.

In short, this innovative technique has more and more presence in the real estate sector, a sector in which competition demands to stand out more and more. On the other hand, YouTube is becoming one of the most popular and consulted networks. It is worth taking advantage of these tools and take advantage of their possibilities.