A British website advises how to avoid cheating in the Spanish property market

A British website advises how to avoid cheating in the Spanish property market

As we have analyzed in previous articles, we know that the largest foreign investors in Spain are the English, although the Bréxit is affecting this trend remarkably.

But in recent months a notable distrust on the other hand in the market of our country and this is expressed by Mar Stucklin (British writer) in his website spanishpropertyinsight.com, where he has published a series of recommendations for his countrymen on how to avoid being deceived if they go to acquire or sell properties in Spain and thus prevent scams or bulky commissions .

Among some of their advice we read the following: " Do not do real estate in Spain without a lawyer. But please, first verify that you have a degree and that you are registered ".

In addition, the lawyer Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt lists in this page what are the risks for a British investor that intends to sell your property Among them we find:

-The seller relies on a real estate agency 'with reputation' but one of its agents draws a secret contract of sale with a very high commission, which charges even if the operation is not performed.

-A real estate agent asks the owner to allow him some room to maneuver to lower the property because the market is very difficult. But this agent agrees with the buyer to make a lower rebate. The difference stays with the agent.

-The seller sells his house and goes to a notary, where he is paid with fake money. Subsequently there is no way to undo the contract and is left homeless and without money.

-The seller is paid a signal and is convinced to go directly to the notary, without first going through a lawyer. The problem is that the contract contains faults and it is too late to correct them.

-A "British friend" convinces the seller to give him powers to avoid paying lawyers. Over time, the friend disappears with the money from the sale, and the seller is left homeless and without money.

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